“Thankful Mama” praises Lush employees

“Thankful Mama” praises Lush employees

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You may have seen that a Texan “thankful mama” has praised Lush employees working at The Woodlands Market Street branch of fresh, handmade cosmetic company Lush after accommodating for her autistic son.

The post, which has now received over 1000 shares and 18,000 likes, goes in depth about the shopping experience saying, “so accommodating. You didn’t mind that he was running his trains all over your store, dropping things, and making a mess on the floor…Thank you sweet Lush saleswoman for making this autism mom’s heart smile. I so, so, SO needed this experience. Thanks for helping me to remember that not everyone will judge you and even the littlest thing can make your day! All this world needs is a little love and understanding and you sure helped prove that today!”

Sara Martin, manager of Market Street shop in Texas, USA said about the experience: “We have been blown away by the response about a really sweet shopping experience that occurred in our little shop in Texas. Those of us that work with Aryana weren’t surprised the experience happened as she is a beacon of love, kindness, optimism and compassion on a daily basis. We have just been bursting with pride that Aryana and our shop has received such glowing praise. This is one of those moments that make you so grateful to work for this brand because you see moments like this in every shop. We speak often with our team that we are the final ingredient in our product… the sparkle and human touch. It’s been really heart-warming to see yet another reason why working for LUSH is so different than any other retailer.”

Apart from the customer service that Lush is so well known for, it is also the array of innovative and colourful products, some of which go against the conventions that many of us know of, such as solid shampoo bars.

The National Autistic Society say that Autistic people may also experience over or under-sensitive to sounds, touch, tastes, smells, light, colours, temperatures or pain. For example, they may find certain background sounds, which other people ignore or block out, unbearably loud or distracting.”

Speaking specifically about colour, Belinda Foster, Autism Manager at First Start says that, “we have colour coded rooms to enable easier transition which you would be able to see when you visit. People with Autism think visually. It’s more helpful and supportive for our service members. We find to say “Let’s go the blue room” instead of” lets go to the dining area”. This also enables us to be able to ensure that the rooms can be made multi functional. E.g. Although the blue room is where our service members eat breakfast and lunch, by calling it “The Blue Room” other activities such as cooking can also take place in that room without causing too much distress as it probably would be saying “Let’s go to the dining room to do cooking”  

Professor of Developmental Physcopathy at the University of Cambridge, Simon Baron-Cohen has previously done research on autism and the senses saying that people with autism have a higher chance of having Synathesia whereby it is more common for the senses to be mixed up such as hearing or tasting colours.

According to an article on livescience.com the research by Simon Baron-Cohen saw, “19 percent of people with autism appeared to have Synathesia…in the journal Molecular Autism.”

Therefore it is no surprise that companies such as Lush, who offer vibrant and striking products, stores, visual merchandising and staff going above and beyond have had such positive reactions to individuals and families with autism who walk through their doors.