Students Fundraise for TowerProject by setting up Festive Market Stall!

Students Fundraise for TowerProject by setting up Festive Market Stall!

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As it is the festive season, it’s only right we highlight what our young volunteers have been up to in this last month, It’s been a busy time for students from George Green’s School, Bow School, Phoenix School and Langdon Park School who set up a market stall at Chrisp Street market in partnership with TowerProject, which managed to raise a record breaking amount through selling Christmas products and decorations and through donations from the local community. Jamie Crouch, part of the JET service team at TowerProject was the programme manager for this project and gave us an insight into the project as a whole and the benefits of running such an activity.

How did the idea of a market stall come up?

The idea of the market stall came from certain awards (subjects) within the ASDAN Employability Diploma that have the set criteria of the students understanding and learning about Enterprise projects, Customer Service, Tackling Problems at work (following procedures) and Tackling Number Problems at work. The best teaching methods to ensure that all learners participating within the course gain the knowledge needed and have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding, skills and qualities of the awards (subjects) is to allow the students to learn (theory lesson), practice and then participate in a real life work experience. This method of teaching caters for all learning difficulties or disabilities and allows the learners to have fun while working and learning.


How long have students been working towards this?

From September – the end of October, the students learned about working as part of a team and gained a basic understanding of Enterprise projects, Customer Service, Tackling Problems at work (following procedures) and Tackling Numerical Problems at work by planning and hosting their own Cinema Club at the TP – JET office for clients that TP – JET support. The market stall enterprise is a follow on so that the students gain a more in-depth understanding, from October – December.


What are the benefits of running such activities?

The students gain and develop a lot of skills and qualities such as; confidence, self-esteem, becoming trustworthy, adaptability, flexibility, problem-solving, creative skills, money handling skills, enterprise skills, customer service skills, interpersonal abilities, teamwork skills, Planning and organising skills, leadership and management, communication skills, social interaction skills and a positive attitude towards employment/work.


What did the young people learn?

The young people gain the understanding of the required hard work, determination and its ability to enhance their character in regards to employment and customer service. The students also support to raise the profile of disability awareness within the local community. The community gain an understanding of the variety of learning difficulties and disability that they may not be familiar with, they also are able to see that despite an individual having a learning difficulty and/or a disability, the young individual are able to gain employment.

“The market stall is my favourite enterprise project with The Tower Project – JET Service. I get to learn so many valuable things to support my understanding of employment and develop skills and qualities I can use to gain employment in the future. I would like to work in retail when I am older and learning about customer service will support me to work in retail. It’s good to have good customer service because it’s important for customers to be happy when they come to your stall or shop. If the customers are happy then they will tell other people to shop at the stall/shop. This will increase the company’s value within the community and support the company financially”. FARZANA BEGUM – George Green’s School


The JET service, is a provider of specialist supported employment services for disabled people and people with long term health conditions.

JET aims to increase the number of disabled people and people with long term health conditions that are in sustainable employment by providing a straight forward programme of support solutions, which will equip clients with the required tools to overcome any barriers stopping rapid progression into employment.

A very big well done to Jamie for all his hard work with the students and of course to the students who volunteered who gave us their time, energy and strong disciplined work ethic.

 Photos of our volunteers/Market Stall

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