Autism Services

The Tower Project provides a number of services for children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Condition.

The Tower Project provides services specifically for people living with an Autism Spectrum Condition, this is the Tower Project First Start Day Opportunities Service (Autism).

This service was developed in April 2004 at the request of parents and carers. The Tower Project First Start service is located on the Isle of Dogs and provides a range of bespoke services for people living with the condition. First Start is an Autism Accredited service through The National Autistic Society; this means we have proven the following:

  • A specialised knowledge and understanding of autism.
  • Knowledge and understanding of autism that consistently informs the service, the resources and management of First Start.
  • Knowledge and understanding of autism that consistently informs the assessment and supported planning of people who access the service.
  • Knowledge and understanding of autism that consistently informs all aspects of our practice.

Day Opportunities Service

Our core operational hours are 9.30am to 4.00pm, Monday  to Friday, 52 weeks a year. Our services are closed on Public Bank Holidays. At First Start we operate a highly supported service for people living with autism. All of our members programmes are individualised to meet their needs. These form the backbone of behaviour modification, as well as exercising our members right to make informed choices and to support them to achieve their full potential.

Evening & Weekend Leisure Service

First Start are also able to provide evening and weekend support for members already accessing the day opportunities service age 19 and above. This includes 1:1 support to access community services, or building based activities, depending on the needs and choices of those that access these services once the day Service closes. The hours for this are negotiable between 4.00pm – 11.00pm. First Start also provides a Saturday leisure service which can be seen as an extension of the Day Opportunities service.

Homecare Support

First Start can also provide support within the family home for our members to assist them with Personal Care in the mornings to attend their Day Service or to attend one of the out of hour’s services.



Transport can be provided by First Start in exceptional circumstances. This may include transportation on board our mini bus, walking to and from home (depending on the distance) or the use of public transport. This also forms part of the on-going Travel Training that First Start provides.

Appointment Support


Any Healthcare appointments or hospital admissions can prove somewhat stressful for anyone with autism; therefore we are also able to provide support to and from appointments and during hospital stays for our members to alleviate any anxieties by using a range of techniques.